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Tikal Center is creating a new standard for SMBs and mid-market companies to provide world-class service and customer interactions that are on par with those provided by top-tier enterprises at a highly competitive price.

Large enterprises have invested in expensive contact center systems that provide competitive advantages through sophisticated and comprehensive customer interaction processes, which are beyond the capacity of most SMBs and even many mid-market companies.

Today, with the Tikal Contact Center, the direct correlation between great service and business success is now within the reach of SMBs and mid-market companies.

Tikal Contact Center solution is a full platform that ‘levels the playing field’ for its customers with their top-tier competitors. Tikal offers comprehensive customer interaction platform that satisfies an organization's entire communication needs combined with a highly competitive pricing affordable for SMBs and mid-market companies around the world.

Tikal Center has a large and growing customer base in a range of vertical markets, including communications, financial services, government, insurance, tourism and transportation.

Many of these customers are prominent businesses and recognized leaders in their fields. Most selected the Tikal Contact Center for their mission-critical customer interaction platform due to its advanced feature set and fast ROI.


 SOC2 TYPE 2 Certified 

A standard designed for technology companies, including: data centers, IT managed services, SaaS vendors, cloud-computing based businesses and other technology. SOC2 criteria is based on the Trust Services Principles (TSP) of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy as well as controls outside of financial reporting


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